Year: 1963

Location: Theatre Royal Haymarket

Part: Colenso Ridgeon

Story: Sir Patrick Cullen, a doctor of the old school, calls on his friend, Sir Colenso Ridgeon, to congratulate him on his recent knighthood, granted for his new medical discoveries. More colleagues call to congratulate Sir Colenso, among them Dr. Blenkinsop, a proverty stricken G.P.; Cutler Walpole and the pompous Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonnington.

Sir Colenso`s housekeeper succeeds at last in getting her master to see a young woman, who has been waiting for some time. Sir Colenso meets Jennifer Dubedat. Later at the Dubedats` Jennifer is horrified to learn about her husband`s widespread borrowing.

After entertaining the Dubedats at the Star and Garter Hotel, Richmond, the doctors agree that Sir Colenso should accept Louis Dubedat as his patient. Consternation reigns when it is discovered that Dubedat has borrowed considerable sums from his hosts, including also poor Blenkinsop`s fare home. The doctors begin to arrive at Louis`studio, and the young artist is quite unperturbed. However, Sir Colenso and his colleagues now realise that that the young man, though a clever artist, is not the paragon they thought, and that maybe the sick Blenkinsop`s life is much more worth while saving.

Sir Colenso has handed  over the case to Bloomfield Bonnington, and it is not long before Louis Dubedat lies on his deathbed. The doctors pay another visit to the studio out of respect to Jennifer, who has captured their hearts.

Louis makes full use of his opportunity, and stage a magnificient and moving end.

Jennifer, who at Louis` bidding has refused to succumb to grief over her husband`s death, is seen several months lather in a Bond Street picture gallery, where she has arranged an exhibiton of her late husband`s works. She examines a copy of the newly-arrived biography.

The closing moments of the play, when Jennifer learns that Sir Colenso had wanted to marry her, and to his amazement she tells him that she has already remarried.

source: Theatre World July 1963

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